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    HealthCheck 20/20 Products

    For over fifteen years, The Mihalik Group's HealthCheck 20/20 suite of products has included turn-key preventive behavioral health programs and patient education materials. The programs and materials have enabled managed care organizations, managed behavioral health care organizations, health care providers, hospitals, medical practices, schools, and the pharmaceutical industry to provide patients and family members with relevant, comprehensive, easy-to-understand information

    The Mihalik Group has expanded HealthCheck 20/20 to include a comprehensive suite of products and tools:

    • Health Appraisal - the health appraisal promotes health awareness. Members respond to a series of questions about health, lifestyle and family history. They receive individualized feedback about identified health issues, recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve health and prevent disease, and links to information to help them understand the findings. The health appraisal can be used to demonstrate compliance with NCQA's MEM 1 health plan standards.
    • Consumer Health Tools - this array of interactive health tools engage members to enter information and receive feedback in focused topic areas. Consumer health tools can be accessed separately from health appraisals, allowing members to take a focused "mini-assessment." The consumer health tools can be used to demonstrate compliance with NCQA's MEM 2 health plan standards and QI 8 for MBHOs.
    • Behavioral Health Screening Programs - screening programs promote early recognition of conditions. Members respond to questions and receive information about risk. TMG's has screening programs for depression and risky drinking. Coupled with policy and procedure templates that TMG provides, these screening programs can be used to demonstrate compliance with MBHO's QI 7 standards for behavioral health screening.
    • Preventive Behavioral Health Programs - comprehensive programs, including all components necessary for implementation and evaluation, are available for depression, early identification of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and parenting skills for children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some programs are available for individuals with limited reading skills and some are available in Spanish.
    • Patient Education materials - these consumer-tested health materials for patients and family members include relevant, comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on behavioral health topics.

    The expansion of the suite of HealthCheck 20/20 materials and programs continues the brand's history of empowering patients with knowledge critical to understanding their illnesses. All materials are designed to complement the care provided by physicians and other practitioners.

    At The Mihalik Group, we have spent more than twenty years guiding health care organizations through the daunting and challenging process of NCQA Accreditation and Certification. Our expertise encompasses the needs of Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace plans; credentialing organizations; utilization management organizations; and case management and disease management programs and organizations. Over the years, The Mihalik Group has helped numerous clients meet the challenge, creating successful turn-key programs that have withstood the rigorous demands of NCQA accreditation.

    For more information, please e-mail us or call (773) 929-4276.

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